Technology is changing the world around us at a breathtaking pace. In an unprecedented competitive environment, you as a healthcare provider must respond to market drivers and patient expectations with an agility that is now seen as a critical success factor. With growing government regulations and increasing patient awareness, it is important more than ever that your business models evolve. You need to move towards change and agility proactively to accomplish better competitive positions and contribute greater value to the communities you serve. 

ICT Health helps you provide more value to your customers through end-to-end administrative and clinical process automation and extensive adoption of collaboration technologies for enhanced business agility. You can now differentiate yourself with the quality of service and engaged patient experience that builds sustainable competitive advantage.

Delivering the difference

We deliver outstanding user experiences by designing and realizing digital solutions through Information, Collaboration and Transformation.


  • Integrated Clinical Decision Support Systems 
  • Integrated with Closed loop medication systems 
  • Incorporates best practices
  • Coordination of care with other parts of the larger healthcare system 

HINAI is a technology which helps you treat your patients better.

  • Economic forecasting for various business cycles
  • Innovative solution matrix for specialized processes
  • Business stream identification and management
  • Forecast management and revenue generation planning

Beyond information and intelligence, HINAI gives you insight into your operations.

  • Real-time access to patient information
  • Portable and long distance diagnostics
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Access to physician and patient portals

mHealth makes a patient comfortable and a doctor happier.

  • Strategic outsourcing for expertise
  • Resource leverage within the hospital group
  • Target an extended catchment through franchisee models
  • Capitalize on the telemedicine network for committed partnerships and accountability

Develop great healthcare franchises that will solve many cost and access issues.

  • Virtualized multi-tenant architecture
  • Accelerated rollout for new facilities
  • Centralized Reporting across multiple facilities
  • Measure Operational Efficiency through benchmarking

HINAI helps you achieve highest levels of productivity at lowest possible cost.

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