About ICT Health

ICT HEALTH is the preferred choice of dynamic care delivery organizations, looking to empower their care practices & operations with smarter technology accelerators that directly enable improved outcomes. Our integrated clinical & administrative solutions support organizations to lower costs by streamlining day to day activities and enhance revenue through new age business models.

Leading organizations such as Cleveland Clinic – Abu Dhabi, Al Corniche Hospital – Abu Dhabi and IHD have harnessed our experience of near three decades and avail benchmarked services focused on quality and performance.

We care for the health of your technology, so you can focus on care.


ICT HEALTH is in the business of reinventing technology by giving you the power to do more with less enabling the healthcare industry extract more value out of their resources.

You can now differentiate yourself with the quality of service and engaged patient experience that builds sustainable competitive advantage and contribute greater value to the communities you serve.


HINAI solutions are fully scalable for organizational growth and easily deployed which translates to healthcare providers realizing quicker return on their investment.
HINAI solution manages more than 6000 beds on a single instance.


HINAI solutions help organizations provide more value to their customers through extensive adoption of collaboration technologies for enhanced business agility.
HINAI platform is equipped with agile workflow configuration features that enable rapid deployment across diverse scenarios.


HINAI solutions are built on robust and secure platform focusing on the performance allowing organizations to proactively accomplish better competitive positions.
HINAI system facilitates more than 5 million patient encounters annually.


Optimizing process area, quantitative project management, decision analysis and resolution, risk management, process and product quality assurance, project monitoring and control.

ISO 9001 : 2015

Design, development, testing, maintenance and installation, support of software products in the lifecare management domain.

ISO/IEC 27001 : 2013

Design, development, testing, maintenance, installation and support of software products in the lifecare management domain.