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Over the next 5 to 7 years horizon,the adoption of the cloud would save the NH Group a minimum of INR 20-25 crores in IT expenditure and one could imagine the direct benefits of such a saving towards the core competence of NH- saving lives I would like to credit ICT HEALTH working hand in hand with NH in delivering this transformation”
Mr. Srikanth Raman CIO, NH
We are delighted with the work done by ICT HEALTH. Their freshness, confidence and energy create a wonderful, collaborative atmosphere. Not only do they provide solid, considered and inspired solutions that are a step ahead of the rest, but they really got involved with us on a personal level to ensure that we stay satisfied with results.
Naushad Mohammed, IT Manager
We chose to engage with ICT HEALTH with the confidence that HINAI system could deliver an integrated solution across our enterprise, and provide the agility necessary to build sustainable competitive advantage.
Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty
The system operates from a set of mirrored servers, so there’s no on-site hardware or software maintenance required. I think what ICT HEALTH is doing is amazing. We could learn a lot, and save our patients a lot of money, while keeping ourselves financially viable.

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