Care providers refer patients to specialists and diagnostic centers on a day-to-day basis. The best possible outcomes for patients, general physicians, clinicians and diagnostic centers are often dependent on closing the referral loop by eliminating network leakage and communicating patient information at the time of referral.
HINAI X is a common thread woven across the healthcare continuum to improve scheduling, information exchange, appointment show rates and increase overall efficiency by establishing an optimal referral management platform which is essential to patient safety and coordinated care.


Key Benefits

▫ Receive real-time notifications and direct messages

▫ Integrate with existing health systems.

▫ Generate reports to keep track on referral patterns and referral volumes

▫ Categorize your referrals based on location, specialty, provider and more

▫ Eliminate patient leakage through real-time scheduling and followup

▫ Share patient information securely

▫ Maintain patient records and establish a real-time provider directory


The platform enables providers to seamlessly drive referrals to in-network physicians, specialists and diagnostic centers. The users can quickly send referrals and receive patient status notifications as appointments are scheduled and patients are seen. HINAI X referral management helps in reducing wait times and maintain accuracy of patient data as the care episode moves from one provider to the next.


Efficient referrals are a foundation of ensuring high quality care across patient populations. Remain engaged with the patient throughout the referral with messaging and ensure that patients have clear expectations and visibility into their care transitions. HINAI X also sets expectations around how soon a patient is contacted to schedule a referral appointment. This greatly influences the likelihood of the patient scheduling the appointment and prevent patients from “falling through the cracks.


Provide secure and open communication paths to doctors, staff, and other care givers to reduce access barriers, improve scheduling metrics, and coordinate care across multiple specialties. HINAI X helps you create a robust directory of your own high performance network. You can also search an up-to-date directory by specialty, clinical expertise, insurance accepted, locations, availability, demographics, and average procedure costs from other networks. This enhances referral rotation and capture incremental revenue.


Patients can have access to specialty knowledge without being physically present. eConsultations can be done efficiently and effectively using mainstream tele-communications and payment gateways. HINAI X offers tools to help promote your practice online and ensures your services are available whenever patients need them.


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