HINAI Medics

Hospital pharmacy departments today have evolved from providing traditional compound and dispense functions to emerging as a proactive clinical support service delivering safer patient care. Modern pharmacy practice therefore actively focuses on medication order review and prescription processing, maintaining the local drug formulary and ward stock, tracking controlled drug and narcotics usage, calculating intravenous admixtures, performing patient counseling as well as all other administrative pharmacy related tasks for hospital inpatient and outpatient departments.


Key Benefits

▫Intergrated with International Drug Databases
▫Industry standard barcode technology support for identification and tracking
▫Global standard of messaging and interoperablilty, HL7 and IHE
▫Dynamic reorder level calculations
▫Elimination of medication errors with E-prescription
▫Elimination of adverse drug effects with Clinical Decision Support
▫Analyses consumption patterns with advanced Reporting and Analytics


HINAI MEDICS is a smart, easy-to-use solution addressing the complex needs of the modern hospital pharmacy practice. It enables clinical pharmacy users to achieve the benefits of a fully integrated and automated workflow including prescription, review, dispensing, administration, refilling and control. HINAI MEDICS also helps the care providers to benefit from appropriate clinical decision support services and enables the effective monitoring of drug therapy outcomes.


HINAI MEDICS offers best-in-class functionality in terms of its ability to manage the functional needs of the hospital pharmacy. It automatically generates administrative and clinical reports and performs quality assurance functions to ensure safe patient care by helping reduce the risk of adverse drug events, drug interactions and other medication errors.


ICT Health can offer a complete pharmacy solution including the HINAI MEDICS integrated with clinical decision support and content management systems, automated medication management and ERP. Our value-added services include consulting related to the design, procurement and setup of the hospital pharmacy department. We also offer third-party solutions related to pharmacy benefit management (PBM) as well as retail pharmacy and warehousing/distribution requirements.


The system can be further enhanced to achieve optimized pharmacy workflow by taking advantage of pre-built interfaces with Hospital ERP, Bar Coding, Automated Medication Management Systems, TPN Compounding Devices, Unit Dose/Blister Packaging and Carousel Dispensing Systems, etc.

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