Improved connectivity, growing archiving costs, ease of accessibility to images and increased staffing requirements are major challenges faced by radiology departments and diagnostic centers. HINAI ImageNET is an advanced, interoperable, centralized, imaging network powered by award winning technologies that brings patients, providers and diagnostic centers on a collaborative teleradiology platform allowing access to images anywhere, anytime, while ensuring quick reporting turnarounds thereby transforming care interventions and lowering total cost of ownership. With specialized solutions for departments and vendor neutrality, HINAI ImageNET can morph itself into an avatar that fits right into your healthcare ecosystem.


Key Benefits

▫Rule-based scheduling that is quick and efficient
▫ Quick and easy access to patient images and reports, anywhere, anytime
▫Advanced interoperability


The process of care involves the interpretation of multiple images acquired from modalities spread across a care setting, and often beyond the boundaries of one hospital. Clinicians face immense challenges getting access to the appropriate images to base their diagnosis on, as such images have usually been acquired from different visits. Competitive business challenges also require care providers to centralize their reporting capabilities, while images are generated and transmitted across wide area networks to the central reporting location, and reports subsequently need to be auto-routed to the source locations in the quickest possible time.


ICT Health’s HINAI ImageNet offers a web-based, smart, scalable, performance certified and CE marked enterprise solution to the image management needs of modern healthcare facilities. Clinicians can access, view and report on images from modalities across multiple care settings and compare images from multiple patient encounters. The solution also allows clinicians to instantly view images and reports streamed onto personal handheld devices for immediate clinical interventions.


ImageNet is unique in its ability to easily acquire images from modalities of multiple vendors, stream them onto a central archive, facilitates instant access to clinicians for viewing and reporting. The system is touch enabled, with an intuitive graphical user interface and has built-in support for industry standard speech recognition technologies. It is architected on robust, mainstream web technologies, and is natively multi-tenant and multi-lingual. The system offers RIS/PACS and Billing capability and may be deployed either standalone, or in conjunction with HINAI Web for a seamless integrated workflow.


ICT Health has also partnered with Merge who is a leading provider of innovative enterprise imaging, interoperability and clinical systems that seek to advance healthcare. Merge’s enterprise and cloud-based technologies for image intensive specialties provide access to any image, anywhere, any time. ICT Health is the local partner of Merge Healthcare in India, Middle East and North Africa.

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