Value Added Services

ICT Health provides optimized clinical workflow by convergence with best-of-breed medical systems & clinical information systems. Our value added services standardize processes, reduce steps, and provide more consistent turnaround times and are integrated with state-of-the-art Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS), high-resolution medical displays and medication management systems that demand high level of interoperability. Our consulting knowledge, managed services and clinical information systems empower you to manage healthcare operations more efficiently and cost effectively by delivering more timely, accurate and reliable availability of information, ensuring enhanced patient care safety.


Medical professionals get easy access to patient data enabling quick decisions at the point of care, even when they are not in the same geography as the patient. Almost any place, at any time becomes a virtual hospital.

Similarly, patients can view their medical records and utilize mobile devices to access and participate in care. Getting a second opinion can now be done in seconds.

ICT Health’s mobile healthcare solutions deploy wireless Web and smart phone technologies, bring greater speed and convenience to care, help physicians make informed decisions and result in healthier, happier patients.


Social media is emerging as an influencer of choices being made about care providers. It covers versatile digital phenomena like blogs, social networks, image and video sharing websites. The common factor between these media is that they are user-generated and highly interactive.

How are patients currently using social media?
Virtual support groups share information and encouragement. Patients also use social media for obtaining expert advice, often in the form of a medical blog, but also for direct doctor-patient communication. Patients and their families use e-community sites to store their medical records.

How can care providers like you use social media?
You can grow your base of patients, build relationships with them, study trends in your field, provide content and video-based information, network with and recruit medical professionals and build a strong online identity.

ICT Health can provide portal-based, cloud-hosted solutions, designed using social media technologies. Such solutions help connect patients and their families, the clinical fraternity, the care provider and support services organizations, regulatory bodies, and insurance providers among others, onto a collaborative ecosystem to deliver a Healthcare Information Exchange platform. This platform ensures unique identities, confidentiality and privacy, security and access, and can be implemented using next generation business models.


Healthcare organizations can derive immense value from a fully integrated information system, where every element – hardware, software, devices and people are linked onto a single system. Integration delivers simplicity for systems and processes, lowers costs and enables higher productivity from the workforce. The preventative aspect of care is addressed through making information available at the point of care. This enables the ready and timely sharing of information between devices and doctors, which helps in identifying potentially adverse events before they occur. Such robust, agile integration platforms are required to achieve strategic, enterprise-wide process interoperability across organizational boundaries, and achieve shared goals and objectives.

Our award winning HINAI platform works in in synergy with 3rd party ERP systems, workforce management systems, payment gateways, patient portals, drug databases, educational repositories and several other components that improve the quality of care and makes health care more cost effective.


As technology evolves, rapidly keeping pace with change, managing the latest and best-of-breed IT infrastructure has become a challenging task for healthcare providers.

Managed services have since begun playing a pivotal role. ICT Health’s managed services enable you to take the maximum advantage of our products and technology leadership without the technology headaches and up-front investment, thus de-risking organizational investment in Healthcare IT and systems.

We work closely with you to make the transition to an enhanced technology environment, as smooth as possible, thereby alleviating the burden on internal IT staff and allowing them to focus their time and energy on user adoption and help desk requirements.

The managed services we offer span the areas of IT infrastructure, operations, end-user workplace, service delivery, security and capacity planning. These services are offered along with consulting, application services, custom software development and business process outsourcing to collectively form a comprehensive portfolio of managed solutions.


ICT Health helps healthcare organizations to keep pace with change, and to create an infrastructure that enables you to reach for the next level of efficiency and growth.

The healthcare industry also faces the challenge of mounting costs and constantly changing regulatory requirements. Add to that changing patient needs, increasing business complexity and evolving technologies, and you have the need for a consultant who brings both strategic and business direction to the task.

Our consulting team includes business and technology professionals, healthcare administrators, doctors, pharmacists and other clinicians with extensive hands-on experience in the field of IT evaluation, RFP/RFI development, vendor management and vendor contract negotiations, IT strategic planning, project management and program development and monitoring.

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