The hospital laboratory is probably one of the most under-utilized resources in the healthcare delivery system, not only from the point of view of the efficiency of the services but also from the potential impact it can have on health outcomes. Modern laboratories face significant challenges in terms of appropriate timing and collection of samples, identification of samples and fast delivery to the laboratory while ensuring accurate reporting of results, with interpretation and easy access from the patient medical record.

Key Benefits

▫Pre-built device connect component library for bi-directional analyzer interfaces
▫Industry standard barcode technology support for sample identification and tracking
▫Supports multiple report types, viz., numeric, alphanumeric, descriptive, predefined comments, etc. with an added functionality to define and link diagnostic templates for effective result reporting
▫Delta Checks – comparing a patient current test results with past test results to detect possible procedural errors
▫Automatic verification of test results based on predefined criteria
▫Real-time alerts when results fall beyond predefined limits
▫Can be configured for telepathology applications


HINAI LAB is a smart Information and Management System for the hospital laboratory that automates and streamlines the complete workflow and procedures related to work lists, sample collection, specimen tracking through barcode, result entry and reporting, billing and real-time results update to the patient EMR. The system has an exhaustive, pre-built interface component library that enables bi-directional interfaces with ASTM-compliant laboratory equipment to automate the result generation process. HINAI LAB also has the capability of automatic verification of test results, delta checks and other standard quality control measures.


HINAI LAB has comprehensive functionality addressing the business needs of the hospital laboratory practice including transfusion medicine. The system supports industry standard code sets and terminologies such as SNOMED and LOINC. The solution may be deployed either standalone or in conjunction with HINAI WEB HIMS for a complete integrated clinical workflow. HINAI LAB may also be interfaced with third-party HIS systems via industry standard HL7 messaging for enterprise interoperability.

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