DM Healthcare, one of the leading healthcare conglomerates of the Middle East and India has been providing comprehensive healthcare of the highest quality for more than two decades through its network of 118 establishments. The hospital, clinic, diagnostic and pharmacy verticals of the Group are being consolidated under a single brand name of “ASTER”.

Client : DM Healthcare
Year : 2009
Solutions : HINAI Imagenet(PACS)
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As DM Healthcare operates more than 30 clinics in GCC, creation of a radiologist report after a procedure was very time consuming as well as resource exhausting. The output of the procedure had to be physically taken to the reporting centre to get the report generated, and brought it back. Hence, they had a vision of optimizing the whole process of radiology reporting by implementing a system wherein multiple clinics could connect to a single Reporting Centre in order to get the report generated immediately after a procedure was done.

With the implementation of HINAI ImageNet solution the time taken for this process has been reduced drastically. Using the HINAI Remote instance, the users at the remote clinics now forward radiology images to the Reporting centre within seconds and they are subsequently displayed in the radiologist’s worklist. As soon as the report is created by the radiologist, the respective remote clinics are updated instantaneously thus enabling the doctors to view the report from their worklist.