Enhancing the availability of care through eHealth

With a resilient IT infrastructure, high digital penetration and a growing young population, one need  the nation had was to make healthcare available to all its citizens.

Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman’s initiative to establish a digital health network aims at bringing the Office of the Minister, Undersecretary Offices and Healthcare facilities under one roof while helping the residents, patients, and businesses to avail e-services.

Taking this further, MOH entrusted ICT HEALTH with the responsibility of implementing their national e-health strategy. The scope on a broader perspective was to build a connected healthcare environment as a part of strategic plan towards digital transformation.  However, the fundamental aspects of bringing accountability and transparency into the system remain apparent.

Architects of change

Technology by means is convenient, easy to use and can be adopted with not many financial strings attached, at the same time it is imperative to understand that new technologies do not compete with existing systems, but complements them.

ICT HEALTH with a motive to bring Ministry of Health, Oman’s vision into actions sought to reduce the digital gap and bring transformation by integrating various public and private institutions along with various information and educational resources.


Oman is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 healthcare delivery systems in the world by WHO. ICT HEALTH is proud to announce the official launch of eHealth portal, Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman under the auspices of HE Dr. Ali Taleb Al Hinai, Undersecretary for Planning and in the presence of Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi CEO of the ITA.

As a joint cooperation between the Ministry of Health and Information technology authority, the eHealth portal currently hosts more than 100 e-services services including health calculators, appointment services, patient charts and a provision to interact with doctors for patients; blood donor registrations, educational resources and directory services for citizens; corporate registrations and tender management for businesses; drug control services, drug importation and clearance services for government; statistical information for community health development.

ICT HEALTH, staying true to the promise of ‘taking care of healthcare’ together with MOH, Sultanate of Oman shall continue to bring quality services by embarking on an endeavor to offer a better continuum of care and bring convenience to the lives of people.