Born from a burning desire to bring affordable, high quality healthcare to the masses, Narayana Health is a multi-discipline chain of hospitals that extends from its base in India now to the Cayman Islands. It has revolutionized the way healthcare is received for the people of India. It’s set to do the same for patients in the Western hemisphere with the advent of NH Cayman Islands, known as Health City Cayman Islands.

Client : Health City Cayman Islands
Year : 2014
Solutions : HINAI Web
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The Narayana Health (NH) model, offers an affordable, globally-benchmarked quality-driven healthcare service model that is so desperately needed in today’s current climate of escalating health costs and rapidly increasing numbers of chronic conditions that the world faces. In addition to the implementation of the latest

technologies, such as using tablets in the ICU instead of patient charts, simulation technology to help train critical care nurses and telemedicine for those in remote parts of India, has helped to deliver a far higher quality of healthcare that’s helping to keep patients safer and create better recovery outcomes.