Rockland Hospitals is a network of specialized healthcare facilities that are located in Delhi NCR, India. Rockland Hospitals has played a pioneering role in defining quality standards for the Indian healthcare industry including contributing in drafting of NABH standards for healthcare providers. Rockland Hospitals provides a broad range of in-patient services including medical, surgical and rehabilitation services and out-patient services including emergency services, day procedures, diagnostic and assessment services, and therapy services.

Client : Rockland Hospitals
Year : 2014
Solutions : HINAI Web
HINAI Imagenet
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ICT Health is currently in the process of implementing HINAI® WEB and ImageNET across its network of hospitals. HINAI Web powered by ICT Health’s cloud deployable virtualized HINAI platform provides scalability, deliver improved clinical quality, better

operational efficiencies, increased patient engagement & lowered costs, thereby ensuring dramatically improved user acceptance & ROI and thereby support Rockland’s growth into a center of excellence in healthcare.