The Ministry of Health (MOH) is responsible for ensuring the availability of health care to the people of Oman.

Client : Ministry of Health – Sultanate of Oman
Year : 2009
Solutions : HINAI Imagenet(PACS)
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MOH Oman wanted a robust Radiology Information & Image Management solution for its hospitals, which would automate the process of radiology order entry, procedure scheduling, image acquisition, reporting, distribution and archiving. It was expected by MOH, that the proposed solution would integrate seamlessly with the existing HIS system, thereby providing a complete workflow. MOH also expected the system to enable empowerment of the care process by facilitating radiologists’ and other clinicians’ use of state of the art viewing & analysis tools for faster and more accurate reporting.

Furthermore, by digitally acquiring images and storing them, the hospital would discard the slow, cumbersome and expensive processing of films, eliminate the requirement of extensive storage

space for historical film and remedy the chronic problem of lost/damaged films. This initiative therefore provided a financial ROI perspective, in addition to the clinical benefits.

-Khoula Hospital, the 428 bedded Sultanate’s referral hospital
-Royal Hospital, that handles over 150,000 procedures a year
-Ibra Hospital, designed to be state-of-the-art digital hospital with more than 190 beds
-Al Nahdha Hospital